It’s not typical that I dedicate an entire blog post to one product line (typically I’m posting recipes, or stories featuring several brands at one time). But I’m using so many products from the Shanti Wellness line at one time, I had to share.

Winter and the holiday season are chaotic and stressful times for most people, but they are level 10 on top of that for me.

Starting in October and through beginning of January, we have a birthday for almost everyone in our family. Add to that Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah, holiday parties, holiday travel, Clients wanting last-minute projects to close out before end of year, and just L.I.G. (life in general), I go into the holiday season with equal measures of both excited anticipation, but also dread because I just never have enough hours in the day. The candle is burning at both ends for 3 months, and there is never a break in sight.

When I met the beautiful and very outgoing Mohnia Patel at a Women & Weed event, we connected instantly over our mutual love for holistic wellness and alternative healing methods. With her Indian heritage and family history in the health & wellness business, it came as no surprise that Mohnia eventually left her job in Marketing to pursue a holistic-meets-Ayurvedic product line that provides targeted but multi-functional solutions that address modern-day malaise. Her care and attention to detail is reflected both in the quality of the products themselves, and also in the thoughtfulness of what is included in her blends. 

Their CBD-infused products are companions to healthy wellness routines for holistic stress reduction and performance enhancement, and their herbal blends offer non-hemp solutions to the same ailments. 

I was blown away by the thoughtfully crafted products available, and their mission to draw holistic wellness solutions solely from nature. In addition to the 500mg CBD Tincture (no THC) derived from cannabinoids (which are from sun-grown, pesticide-free hemp in the rocky Colorado mountains), I’ve been consuming the Tranquil Adaptogenic Capsules to aid in reducing anxiety and to support sleep during these stressful months. I’m stuffing everyone’s stocking with the Tranquil Adaptogenic Capsules this year to aid in hormone balance, stress management, anxiety relief, better sleep, and improved digestion.

Additionally, given that I’m sleep-deprived, over-worked and traveling frequently between November and January, you can bet your sweet peach that I’m bringing the soon-to-launch Defense Blend to boost immunity.

If you’re looking for all-in-one supplements to target your needs for this season, I could not recommend Shanti Wellness more highly.

If you have any questions about my Shanti Wellness experience, leave a comment below!

Mohnia has also generously created a discount code for my readers (thank you Mohnia!). Use the code ‘RH15’ for 15% off your entire purchase site-wide.