Hi friends! Somehow it’s been over two months since my last blog post. I’ve been enjoying a little bit of a break from social media and blogging just to live life more. But I’ve also missed sharing health & wellness finds with you all! My favorite part of attending Expo West this year was finding so many amazing new products that you can incorporate into your diet and wellness routine to balance blood sugar.

Why balance blood sugar you ask? Because blood sugar balance is not just about maintaining a healthy weight. It is directly related to hormone balance, and hormone balances is essential for regulating many daily functions of the body from sleep to mood regulation. Also, out-of-whack blood sugar leads to a perpetual cycle of sugar cravings, then consuming more sugar, then more sugar cravings…you get the idea.

But cutting sugar out can feel daunting. You might worry about feeling deprived. Or stress about what to eat if you try to cut certain foods out of your diet. I get it, trust me, I’ve been there! But I found several products at Expo West this year that are both delicious and that also assist blood sugar balance.

Have you ever tried to cut out sugar or cut down on sugar? What was your experience?


Oh cereal. How have I missed thee! I cut breakfast cereals out of my diet YEARS ago. After a gaining some weight in my late 20’s despite a rigorous exercise routing, I saw a nutritionist who directly correlated my consumption of breakfast cereals and mass-market bread to my out of control blood sugar (and corresponding increasing waistline). I have certainly bought cereal here and there as a very special dessert treat (taking most of the box into the office to share), but I have always been sad that I can’t consume cereal on the reg as most of it is high in carbs and sugar, and contributes to whackadoodle blood sugar imbalance for me. That’s the medical term by the way.

You can only imagine the thrill and delight I experienced when I accidentally stumbled upon Good Grains Stay Steady Cereals at Expo this year. It tastes just like high-carb breakfast cereal, but unlike all other breakfast cereals, Stay Steady is actually formulated to balance blood sugar levels! It’s packed with 21g protein and 9g fiber, and contains very little sugar - only 2g per serving! I’ve been enjoying a 1C serving of this on mornings when I need a quick breakfast, or when I just crave a bowl of cereal. Vanilla Almond is my favorite, with Maple Pecan coming in at a close second.

2. Good Good Stevia-Sweetened Fruit Jams

I discovered  Good Good at Expo 2018 and was totally blown away. Born out of Europe, they offer an entire line of stevia-sweetened treats that do not taste like stevia. Generally, “sugar free” and “diet” sugar substitutes like saccharin should be avoided. They disrupt gut bacteria balance, perforate the gut lining leading to leaky gut issues, and studies have even shown that the pancreas releases insulin in response to chemical sweeteners, as if the body has consumed sugar.*

But not stevia. And Good Good’s products leave no stevia-aftertaste whatsoever! Last year I was all about their stevia Sweet Drops and Choco Hazel spread, but this year it is all about the jam. Good Good’s stevia-sweetened jam comes in three of your favorite jam flavors, but with far less sugar. They are low-calorie, keto-friendly, and absolutely delicious! I love to pair it with no-sugar peanut butter for a quick high-protein snack that leaves me full and balanced all afternoon.

3. Bonafide Provisions Keto Broth Cups

Whoever thought of this product should win an award. I was freaking OUT about these Bonafide Keto Broth Cups at Expo and basically stalked the Bonafide Provisions booths at Expo this year to maximize my sample intake.

Bonafide Provisions Keto Cups blend organic chicken bone broth - fantastic as a nutrient-dense protein source - with healthy fats and lemon, in a portable individual serving-size cup!

Even if you’re not on a ketogenic diet, these individual portions of high-protein and high-fat broths balance blood sugar, minimizing sugar and carbohydrate cravings. I like to reach for these around 3:00/4:00 when I am most susceptible to an afternoon cookie craving attack. They even out blood sugar, reducing cravings, and keeping me full until dinner. I love that they are individual serving sized so that you can just defrost and sip as needed. You can also use them as a soup base, adding some vegetables and/or meat for a well-rounded and filling meal. I keep cups in the freezer at home and at my office, the office being where I’m especially susceptible to a stress-induced sugar binge.

This one is my favorite, but they are all good.

4. LoveBug Probiotics

If you’re not already taking a probiotic, you should. And if you already are, you should switch to LoveBug. Most probiotics on the market are ineffectual garbage, never making their way through the entire intestinal tract where they are most needed. LoveBug Probiotics are scientifically formulated to make their way through the entire intestinal tract with their proprietary blend of top-notch probiotic strains.

By building and supporting a colony of heathy gut bacteria, you improve digestion, support immunity, and feed the good gut bugs that send signals to the brain asking for healthy foods like proteins and vegetables. When you eat more of the good foods you eat like proteins and fibers, you deactivate the bad gut bugs that signal your brain to eat blood sugar destabilizing foods like sugars, processed foods, and carbohydrates.*

I take Here’s The Skinny ever evening with my other supplements to support my metabolsim and to boost absorption of all the good nutrients I’m taking in. Subscribe on the LoveBug website, and get 10% off!