I was so inspired by Dr Mark Hyman’s talk at Wanderlust Wellspring a couple of weeks ago. He was one of my favorite lecturers during my certification studies with the Institute for Integrative Nutritionand continues to be to this day. After YEARS of trying to figure out what to eat, compounded by chronic disordered eating behavior, it was only within the past year that I figured out how to eat in a way that was true to myself. I had tried a vegan diet and a ketogenic diet, but my tried and true is just plain old intuitive eating. In other words, letting my body signal its true needs to me, and then eating accordingly.

However, not all foods are created equally, and this is why I’m such a huge fan of Dr Hyman’s new book Food: What the Heck Should I Eat?. He doesn’t shun meat, dairy, eggs, or grains, but emphasizes that we need to eat them in their purest, and most high-quality, organic, and non processed forms. So when I got a craving for some red meat, I honored it and created this Asian inspired noodle dish. It’s loaded with farm-fresh organic vegetables, and just a bit of grass-fed meat, which is actually anti-inflammatory and great source of iron and healthy fats!

With a commitment to eating only organic produce, pasture-raised eggs, and sustainably raised meat as often as possible, I’ve become even more reliant than ever on my weekly deliveries from Milk & Eggs. Not only do they deliver local grocery and farm providers straight to your front door for FREE, but I am able to order food that aligns with my consumer values. This recipe was developed with grocery items 100% from Milk & Eggs, but if you don’t live in Southern California, you should be able to find all of these items, just make sure to purchase the highest quality available.

For those of you who DO live in Southern California, you can order from Milk & Eggs here and use the code ‘RH20’ for $20 off orders $40 and higher!


- 8oz Grass-fed flat iron steak marinated for a few hours (or ideally, overnight) in Asian marinade of your choice (I did equal parts low-sodium tamari, Marion’s Coconut SrirachaLahht Sauce). Once marinated and ready to cook, slice into thin, bite sized pieces.

Avocado oil spray

- 1/2 Organic red bell pepper cut into strips 

- 4oz Organic shiitake mushrooms, stems removed and sliced

- 1 Crown of organic broccoli cut into pieces and lightly steamed ahead of time (just for about 3 minutes so that it’s still firm). Then chopped.

- 3-4 Generous handfuls of Hot Oil Noodles (or any hearty Asian noodle that’s available in your area).

- 2 Generous handfuls of organic spinach leaves

- 2-3T Lahht Sauce (or other savory Asian sauce of your choice if Lahtt Sauce is not available)

- (Optional) Garnish such as watermelon radishcilantro, etc…


- Heat a few sprays of the avocado oil spray in a heavy-bottomed skillet, then add the slices of meat in a single layer. Toss with kitchen tongs a few times until evenly cooked through.

- Next add the mushrooms and pepper slices, coat with a few more sprays, and stir fry those until they start to soften.

- Next add the steamed broccoli and the noodles and a few more sprays of oil and toss those around so that everything is well combined.

- Lastly add the spinach, toss to combine, and cook that all together until the spinach just starts to wilt.

- Remove from the heat and add 2-3T of the Lahtt Sauce to taste.

- That’s it! Serve hot and garnished with radish, cilantro, jalapeños, kimchi…whatever sounds good!

If you want to read more about intuitive eating, I loved this post on A Cup of Jo.