Please note. This post is not a paid post although Milk & Eggs provides me with gift cards so that I can present my personal healthy selections and recipes to you. I do not however get paid by Milk & Eggs, so the opinions and thoughts expressed here are entirely my own. If you’re inspired by this post, use my discount code JKCOACH for $15 off of your orders over $35 and you will also get FREE delivery! I do not make commissions on your orders or get paid by Milk & Eggs, I just love this service and hope you do too!

Photo: Reformation Health

Photo: Reformation Health

So not all of you know this, but I’m actually not a full time Health Coach. Well, in a way I am in I am ALWAYS thinking about health, nutrition, healthy lifestyle, and what kind of information to present to all of you. But if you want to get technical, my full-time job is actually at a creative services firm.

While paid professional food bloggers have the time to concept, create, shoot and post recipes full-time, a majority of my week is spent at one job, and then my spare hours before work, after work, and on weekends are dedicated to providing you all with health and wellness information.

My point? Two-fold. One I have NO time to run around to multiple grocery stores every week. And two, you can bet all of the meals and recipes that I share with you are time-efficient. Usually about 20 minutes from start to finish to prep and execute!

That’s why discovering Milk & Eggs back in April was a GOD-SEND! I used to have to source my food from multiple locations. Running to a farmers market for fresh organic produce that would last for more than a couple of days, to Whole Foods for specialty items (like filler-free nut mylks), and then clicking around on Amazon for cheap pantry items (like raw cashews and my favorite nut butter). This with a full-time job and a Health Coaching practice! I was basically out of my mind.

Photo: Reformation Health

Photo: Reformation Health

Milk & Eggs changed all of that with their innovative business model, providing farm fresh organic produce AND all of my favorite obscure grocery items like Barely Bread, Farmhouse Culture krauts, Forager nut mylks, Health-Ade kombuchas, 4th & Heart Ghee Butter, pesto, and even fish, directly to my front door! No running around like a psychomaniac any more! I get a bag by 7:00am the morning of my delivery, I throw the bag in the fridge before work, and then after work I come home and organize my delivery as needed.

I am usually strategic about what I order. I know that in all deliveries I’ll want nut mylk and organic cauliflower to steam and freeze for smoothies, fermented vegetables and kombucha for probiotic benefits, greens for salads and breakfast tacos, some of my favorite vegetables like broccolini and spinach and some fish for quick dinners, and then I’ll add some fun things like a pasta, fruit-free green juice, or non-dairy cheese to try, some of them becoming regulars in my orders. And then usually I’ll think of a specific recipe or two that I want to test and post for you guys, and I’ll order what I need for that. 

Photo: Reformation Health

Photo: Reformation Health

Like this super summery Spiralized Zoodles and Pesto with Swordfish. Nothing is more summery than basil pesto, and this light, grilled fish is the perfect compliment. Swordfish is the perfect fish, IMHO, for non-fish eaters who want to dive into eating fish (pun intended). It’s got a flakey, meaty texture, almost like grilled chicken and no fishy taste or odor. This was the first fish I ate as a fish-hating kid and even though I've since expanded my repertoire and love fish, it's still one of my absolute favorites for its mild taste.

Make sure to spend the extra money to order all organic if your budget allows.


serves two

- 2 large or 4 small organic zucchini, spiralized (this is the spiralizer I own)

- 1/4C basil pesto (or prepared pesto of your choice)

- 1 large handful of arugula

- 1 piece of wild-caught swordfish, sliced in half lengthwise (for bigger appetites or for leftovers, order and grill two pieces)

- Sun-dried tomatoes

- Avocado oil (this is my favorite for the quality and best flavor)

- Optional lemon and rosemary for garnish


- Spiralize the zucchini and set aside.

- Heat an indoor grill like this one and spray with ghee to make sure the fish doesn’t stick (or you can grill outside if you have an outdoor grill).

- Place the fish on the grill and don’t touch it until it’s grilled almost all of the way through.

- Once the fish is almost cooked through on one side, heat 1tsp of avocado oil in a large skillet.

- Flip the fish, then heat the zoodles in the skillet adding the arugula once the noodles soften slightly. Remove from heat and toss with the 1/4C of pesto (you don’t want to overcook zoodles or they can get mushy).

- Plate the zoodles first, add some sun-dried tomatoes to garnish, then rest the fish on top, garnishing with lemon and rosemary to make it look purty. 

- Drizzle with avocado oil and sprinkle with pink Himalayan sea salt prior to serving.

Photo: Reformation Health

Photo: Reformation Health