Even if you eat a clean diet and take adaptogens on a regular basis,  you may still need extra hormonal support when you're menstruating (aka Aunt Flo, Shark Week, Monthly Visitor). This adaptogenic Turmeric latte contains  Reishi and Ashwaganda, for a more holistic way to treat the symptoms of PMS, including painful menstrual cramps.

I reached out to Root and Bones's Alyssa Melody, who is a licensed acupuncturist and Chinese herbalist, for input on this potion.

Reishi has a calming effect for the nervous system (managing moodiness/irritability), is anti-inflammatory for pain, and also supports liver detox, which is beneficial if PMS is in part due to hormones being out of balance.

Ashwaganda acts as an adaptogen—a substance that helps balance hormone excesses or deficits by boosting the efficiency of the sites where hormones bind with cells. Used in Ayurvedic medicine to help resolve adrenal- and thyroid-hormone imbalannces, Ashwaganda allows the body to better cope with stress.

By inhibiting prostaglandin synthesis, turmeric works in much the same way as the physician prescribed non-steroidal medications–but without the side-effects. Prostaglandins are chemicals that stimulate uterine contractions and contribute to pain and inflammation, so the ability of turmeric  to inhibit prostaglandin synthesis may also explain why it can also have a beneficial effect on menstrual cramps.

You should find that drinking this Turmeric Latte, you experience quite a bit of relief from cramps, headaches, and other inflammations of the body.



- 1C unsweetened non-dairy milk, warmed and frothed if you are able to

- 1tsp Root & Bones organic Reishi

- 1tsp Moondeli Golden Turmeri (use the code RHMOON15 for 15% off site-wide!)

- tsp Sunpotion Ashwaganda

- 1tsp organic honey or real maple syru

- Freshly ground black peppe (if desired)

Combine all ingredients in a Nutribullet or high-powered blender except for the black pepper. Blend until well-combined, then pour into a mug and top with fresh black pepper if desired. Sip and savor.