(As if we need an excuse to eat chocolate, amiright?)

As any of you long-time readers know, I’m a raging chocaholic. I wasn’t always this way. In fact, there were several years that I did not like chocolate at all. Obviously I’ve just be come sooooooo much more sophisticated as time has gone on. OK not really. More likely, it’s some sort of hormonal shift, but I’m not questioning it.

While I still purchase plenty of chocolate (I’m looking at you Eating Evolved) - I’ve really come to enjoy making my own at home. It requires only minimal ingredients, and only one piece of specialty equipment - chocolate molds, which you can purchase inexpensively on Amazon (I own these and they’re so much fun!). And truth be told you can even just pour the mixture below into cupcake liners in a muffin tin and get the same result. But as you can see from the photos, using inexpensive silicone molds make the chocolate so special looking.

The only ingredients that you need for basic chocolate are coconut oil, raw cacao powder, and sweetener (I use stevia, coconut sugar, and/or a combination of both).

Then if you like you can get all sorts of fancy and do fillings, layers, or anything else that strikes your creative fancy.

When I got my second canister of my biggest obsession in all of 2017 - Vital Proteins Coconut Collagen Creamer (I DIE for this!) - I realized that given it’s solid vs liquid form, it would make for a perfect coffee n cream filled chocolate! And I was not wrong. Since I used brewed decaf espresso for the filling, almond butter (Justin’s always and forever) thickened up the filling making it even creamier and while almond butter and coffee may not sound like a good combo, TRUST ME on this, it’s to die for.

I added Root & Bones Reishi to my chocolate for additional health benefits. Like raw cacao, Reishi also has a very calming effect on the brain and longevity benefits. So you’re getting double the health benefits when you add the Reishi. Just sayin. And for additional chill vibes, I also added 2T of CBD Oil to the chocolate. If you haven't incorporated CBD Oil into your wellness routing yet, now is the time to start. The effects of CBD on receptors in the immune system may help reduce overall inflammation in the body, and  CBD may help to reduce the anxiety felt by people with certain anxiety disorders. CBD oil is non-psychoactive. There is no THC, so you will not get a high like you will with marijuana. It's chemically impossible.

PRO TIP #1: The only downside to homemade raw chocolate - and I may be doing something wrong - is that outside of the freezer it gets pretty melty. So while it’s the perfect thing to keep on hand during the holidays if you’re hosting, it’s not the best for gifting.

PRO TIP #2: As you fill the chocolate molds, keep stirring the chocolate. The coconut sugar and Reishi do have a tendency to not emulsify completely, so you want to stir, pour, stir, pour, stir, pour, etc...



- 1/4C brewed espresso (I recommend decaf so that you can enjoy at night). Condensed cold brew like Trader Joes’s would work also.

- 4T Vital Proteins Vanilla Coconut Collagen Creamer

- Heaping 1/4C no-sugar almond butter (I love Justin’s)

- Vanilla stevia to taste

Raw Chocolate

- 1C Raw Cacao Powder

- 3/4C Coconut Oil, melted

- 1/2C Coconut Sugar

- (optional) 1/4C Reishi (use the code RH15 for 15% of Reishi and all products on the Root & Bones site!)

- (optional) 4T CBD Oil (I use Nonnie's Nectar. You can use the code CBD10 for 10% off site-wide. Their CBD Gummy Bears are kind of my favorite thing ever.)

Chocolate Molds


- Using a small whisk, combine the espresso, almond butter, and stevia until thoroughly blended. Make sure to cool to room temperature or even colder ideally before you fill your chocolates.

- In a microwave or over the stove, melt the coconut oil, then stir in the raw cacao, reishi, and your sweetener. Make sure that it’s smooth and all lumps are removed before you get started.

- In each of the “cups” in your chocolate molds, spoon 1tsp of the melted cacao mixture. When they are all full, lay them completely flat in your freezer, and freeze for 15 minutes. Make sure to keep staring the chocolate before you spoon the mixture into the molds.

- Pull the molds out of the freezer, and spoon 1/2-1tsp of the coffee n cream filling into each cup, then freeze again for 15 minutes, making sure to lay the molds completely flat in your freezer.

- As a last step, spoon another 1/2-1tsp if the raw cacao over the coffee n cream filling, and freeze again for 15 minutes until set. They will be ideal firmness once frozen overnight, but you can definitely enjoy these right away (trust me, I did).