When I started a ketogenic diet, I actually avoiding fruits and even some veggies (my favorite food!) because I was dodging carbs like I dodge most of the guys I meet on Tindr. Or is that ghosting? Yah, was basically ghosting on those fruits and veggies. But if you read through this post and this post, you’ll see that you can actually incorporate your favorite fruits and vegetables in your Ketogenic diet WITHOUT falling out of ketosis!

I also started using Perfect Keto Exogenous Ketones in a fatty iced coffee every morning because the best and quickest way to reach Ketosis is FASTING. And let me tell you, if you want to fast, you're going to want these Exogenous Ketones. Trust. I drink this in an iced coffee (see recipe here) in the morning and then I'm able to fast for most of the day! Usually I have a snack late afternoon and then a small dinner and I'm good. Although a couple days out of the month I'm reaching for the dark chocolate (ladies, you get me on this yah?). 

For more information about carb counts in fruits, vegetables and fats, click here. This article has been my go-to resource during my keto diet immersion.

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