Photo: Reformation Health

Photo: Reformation Health

Jamie Klausner

I was an 80’s child (where calorie counting was king), a 90’s adolescenct during the fat-free foods fad (I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter on EVERYTHING), and then a college student when my chronic anorexic behavior and exercise bulimia really started to chronically take hold, although I actually can’t remember a time in my childhood when I wasn’t obsessed with my weight and wanting to be thin (and mind you, I was naturally underweight for most of my childhood and adolescence).

It was in my mid and late 20’s my disordered eating was at its worst. I was at a high-stress job at an advertising agency, in a co-dependent toxic relationship, smoking cigarettes instead of eating meals, and alternating that with periods of binging and exercise bulimia. My weight plummeted, my hair started falling out, I became amenorrheic, and I had my first middle of the night panic attack at age 25. Even that didn’t cause me to re-assess my life, and it wasn’t until I was unable to fall asleep for more than a few hours for an entire month straight that I finally sought help.

Fortunately my mentor at work pointed me in the direction of a holistic practitioner and my life began to change although not overnight. Under his treatment, I began to sleep soundly through the night (a first in my entire life), which was life-changing physically, but it also opened my eyes up to an entirely different approach to medicine. I was treated with magnesium, vitamin infusions, and Ayurvedic approaches with miraculous results. Once sleep was addressed, I started feeling somewhat better, but I was addicted to processed carbohydrates and sugar, and was still eating a lot of processed foods under the assumption that they were healthy if they were vegan or gluten-free, so my weight was constantly fluctuating and I felt okay but not great. 

It took many many more years of dietary and lifestyle trial and errors, prioritizing wellness, learning to prioritizing MYSELF, and also just straight up more advanced science to get me to where I am today. I am in my 30’s but feel more energized, more full of life, and more beautiful inside and out than I ever did in my 20’s.  I am FULL of energy, I sleep soundly, eat a nutrient-dense and delicious diet that makes me feel great, I listen to my body to determine how I exercise, my relationships are healthy and full of meaning, and I am full of gratitude for each and every day.

With many years of research on my own and then a rigorous 1 year certification through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, I unlocked the keys to:

  • Ridding the mind and body of sugar cravings

  • Weight management

  • Recovering from disordered eating

  • Sleeping better

  • Managing stress

  • Getting more energy

  • Exercising intuitively

  • Clearing up skin

  • Improving relationships

I hope that the information you find here inspires you in your life. Let’s make your goals OUR goals so that you have the best and healthiest life possible.

Lots of love.